One step to Santa's naughty list


If you like to pump your music from your iPod for all to hear, and you like to be cruel to animals with seven seconds of memory, have we got the device for you.

Meet the iPond, the real-life speaker/aquariam combo that has animal’s rights do-gooders up in arms. Er, fins, or whatever you get up-in for fish.

The claim is that the aquarium is up to fifteen times smaller than the fish requires to be happy. While I’ve kept this type of fish as a pet in a brandy snifter, and it seemed fine, that’s still larger than the small box it gets here.

And at $70, the speaker’s not just cruel, it’s a rip off. Stay away, friends, for your wallet’s sake and your fish’s.

The iPod speaker that comes with built-in tuna [SMH]