An Interview with Neil Strauss of The Game: Foolproof pick-up gadgets


For years, Rolling Stone writer Neil Strauss prowled concert halls, surrounded by women willing to do anything to get backstage, yet the only person who ever kissed him was Tommy Lee. He hung out with Motley Crue, toured with Marilyn Manson, and lived with Dave Navarro. He worked with Jenna Jameson. Hell, he appeared in one of her videos, but still couldn’t get a date.
In 2003, he entered what, at the time, was an underground community of pickup artists. Strauss was determined to learn how to be successful with women. His obsession to excel took him all over the world and led him to become the greatest pickup artist on the planet. He documented his experiences in 2005’s The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. The book became a bestseller, was translated into more than 15 languages, helped bring seduction into the mainstream and launch television shows and movies, and is being made into a film by the production company responsible for The Golden Compass.
The Game is a memoir of Strauss’s experiences. But many people wanted a more straight-forward how-to book. They wanted step by step instructions on how to improve their social lives. Strauss answers those questions with Rules of the Game, released today from Harper Paperback. This book provides a detailed system for improving your social life in 30 days and also includes some stories of dating excess. Strauss explained how certain gadgets can improve your social life.

Video Games

In years past, most guys tried to hide their video game obsessions from women. But the recent round of games are a perfect way to include a lady in your fun. Guitar Hero and Wii tennis are also coed favorites.

Cellphone and PDA

“A good organizer is key to anyone with a busy social life,” Strauss says. “I meet a woman, get her phone number and put her in my Blackberry. I include a couple of notes about where I met her, maybe our topic of conversation, and even her favorite words that she repeats often in a conversation. These can be used as ‘trance words’ and by repeating them, you can build a subtle connection with her.” Calendar functions are also key for someone like Strauss who frequently has three or four social obligations in a single night. He currently favors the Blackberry Curve.

Since Strauss continues to write about the world’s top rock stars (he’s interviewed Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and Madonna in recent years), he never leaves home without a small digital recorder. It can help your dating life as well. “Athletes and musicians tape their performances so they can learn from their mistakes,” he says. “You can do the same thing with social interactions. Use the tape to critique yourself.” For his interviews these days, Strauss relies on the Olympus WS-300M. It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

“You need to be careful with a Bluetooth headset,” Strauss advises. “Because some guys look crazy with them. But they can be valuable tools in talking to women.” Let’s say you’re standing in line for a coffee, or waiting for the subway or a bus. Position yourself so there’s an attractive woman in line next to you. Stand so she can’t see your headset and say “Hey, what’s going on?” and maybe ask another question. When she answers you, hit the off button on your headset and pretend to end your call. Turn to her and say, “Sorry about that. I was actually talking to my friend.” Then just keep going with the conversation. It’ll be a lot less intimidating than walking up directly and introducing yourself.

Digital Camera
Digital cameras can provide a tremendous amount of fun on a night out. Strauss recommends going against the trend of small, super-stylish, hipper-than-thou digital cameras. Instead, he recommends the Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera. “It has a 1.3 inch color LCD display, can store over 60 photos without any extra memory, it’s durable, and it’s big and blue,” he says. “And sure to get attention. This is a guaranteed conversation starter.”

For more information, check out Stylelife or Strauss’s personal website.