Details about Toshiba's upcoming Portege phones


Toshiba will be rolling out a few of its own smartphones next year. Here’s some information about what’s coming.

There will be two devices called the Portege G910 and Portege G920, and they’ll both do exactly the same thing. The numerical differences in the model numbers apparently have something to do with them being released in different geographic markets. Both are supposed to be released in the first quarter of 2008.

The specs are as follows, according to Unwired View;

"Known Portege G920 &G910 specs will include GSM 900/1800/1900, WCDMA, Bluetooth, WLAN , USB 2.0 connectivity, main camera (at least 2 mpx) with flash, front camera for video calls, 3″ display, 1320 mAh Li-ion battery, microSD memory card slot.

The icons around the screen  seems to indicate some touch functionality, so the touchscreen is also not ruled out. There also be some click wheel navigation, call answering buttons and small display for caller id on the front of G920/G910 handset."

There will also be a Toshiba Portege G930, which will be a high-end version of the aforementioned devices and will be available in late 2008. Details are sparse at the moment, except that it’s believed to have a QWERTY keyboard and either a slider or a flip-phone form factor.

In February we should see the G800, a "stylus operated touchscreen phone" and two GPS-enabled phones, the G710 and G720, which will come out at the beginning and end of the year, respectively. Also early next year will be what Toshiba’s calling a "USB Modem Phone", the G450. I’d assume that’d be some sort of high speed data device, maybe for your laptop.

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