Apple to produce Intel Silverthorne-based UMPCs?

intel-silverthorne-processor.jpgThe first incarnation of UMPCs was a doomed concept. They were clunky, unattractive boxes that were difficult to control and slow on performance. It was a losing situation for anyone unfortunate enough to be involved with one of the devices. As the platform evolves, however, it’s beginning to look more versatile.

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple plans wide support of Intel’s forthcoming 45-nanometer Silverthorne processors. Consuming only .5 – 2-watts of energy, the chip has been developed cell phones, UMPCs and other mobile devices.

So what is Apple planning? The source claims for wide-support, insinuating that the processor could show up in more than just the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Ideas? Speculation? Wild imaginations? Anyone?

Apple to adopt Intel’s ultra-mobile PC platform [AppleInsider]