Popular Mechanics takes Aptera electric car for a spin


If you haven’t heard of Aptera yet, you’ll probably be hearing a whole lot about the company in the coming months. It’s got two models of automobiles coming out next year. One is just about ready — named the Aptera Typ-1 e — which is all-electric and gets 120 miles per charge. The Typ-1 h is a gasoline/electric hybrid that’ll be available in 2009 and is apparently capable of getting 300 miles to the gallon.

Both will cost less than $30,000. That’s a nice price to be able to either rarely or never have to put gas in the thing. Popular Mechanics just took the Typ-1 e for a spin. Click the link below to watch the video.

Aptera Electric Typ-1 e – Video Test Drive – First Look Details and Slideshow – 300 MPG [Popular Mechanics]