RIAA tries its hand at producing local news segments

RIAA Don’t be surprised to tune into your local news (with Brock Cockwell on sports, meteorologist Gust Hasner’s weather-on-the-eights, and Jasmine DeLaFontaine filling in for Clay Maxwell) to find a hard-hitting segment about music piracy, people getting arrested for music piracy, and how to spot and avoid pirated music.

It’s all courtesy of our friends at the RIAA who may or may not have teamed up with their local middle school’s videography class to produce a spot for local news stations to run this holiday season.

The video can be seen here in its entirety. It’s a real gem, warning consumers that record companies do NOT, in fact, sell CDs on street corners, to watch out for CDs that contain too many good songs on them, and that pirated CDs somehow sound "atrocious" despite being digital-to-digital copies.

RIAA Fake News! [Live Leak] via Ars Technica