'Camera Day' is only two short months away


Looking to buy a new camera? Keep your wallet separated from your ass cheek by a thin layer of whatever material your pants are made out of until President’s Day, says a guy who wrote two photography books. That’s the part of the camera season (yes, there’s a camera season) when the new wave of digital imaging gadgets that everyone got a whiff of at CES start to kick it into high gear.

So President’s Day is the "peak of the discount season for cameras" when old cameras get closed out and the new ones hit the shelves with a force as hard or harder than your body hitting the floor when you’re trying to take your socks off after a long night of drunken foolery.

The PC World article I’m sourcing also lets us all know the best times to buy MP3 players and cell phones. The answer? Any time. So there’s not too much new information there unless you consider "new information" to be that if you’re looking to buy a phone, you should do it at the end of your contract so you’ll get a hardware discount when you re-sign.

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