Handset Production Soars in Taiwan

taiwan1.jpgTaiwan’s production of handsets is up nearly 82% over last year’s numbers. Many of the 6.2 million devices manufactured in Taiwan are made for Apple and its iPhone brand. It is believed that similar numbers will be achieved in next year’s first quarter. This will be a jump of 150% over this year’s first quarter numbers, Market Intelligence Centre said in a forecast.

“This growth is being driven by several factors, one being the introduction of several new mass-produced models by High Tech Computer Corporation,” the centre said in a report, referring to the island’s leading smart phone maker.

“Another factor is the rise in procurements by North American and European operators to satisfy traditional peak season demand in the fourth quarter,” it said.

Shipment value over the period broke the one-billion-US-dollar mark for the first time to 1.46 billion dollars, it added.

“Major growth momentum for the Taiwanese smart handheld device industry in the third quarter came from increased contract production of the Apple iPhone,” it said.

If Taiwan keeps the iPhone contract there may be even more dramatic increases in production numbers. Apple is currently in negotiations with various Asian phone companies to release the iPhone in those markets.