Rumor: Apple's new portable outed at holiday party?

Credit: Sonny T. Hung, the Hung Family, and the Pro-Bono Lawyers Guild of New York

Ok, this rumor is a little odd, but I’ve gotten a few pings on it, so we’re going to try to put it together. Apple recently hosted a holiday party, likely a company party like most companies do. Apple invited a best-selling iTunes artist to perform, because Apple can do that. The artist (or artists) were then each promised that, beyond being paid, they’d each be receiving a new Apple laptop that is to be announced at Macworld in January.

I’m having a hard time pinning down who played, but this does mean, if true, that we are getting new laptops at Macworld, and since they’re giving them away as gifts in Cupertino, they’re likely the inexpensive sub-notebooks we’ve been hearing about. We hope so.