CrunchGear This Week

While the rest of you were out caroling, the pagans at CG were reporting on the good stuff that comes with the season. Toshiba and Sharp are getting friendly and teaming up on LCD components, and just yesterday the first Comcast + TiVo services were rolled out. We got six kinds of nasty with the new Helio Mysto, and set off a flame-war over whether the iPhone was a smartphone or not. On the ho ho ho side of things, we learned that some gadget-savvy Florida types had outfitted their frequently-stolen Baby Jesus™ with a GPS tracker. Some lady was auctioning off some Wii and Guitar Hero III action in order to upgrade her deficient chest. Lastly, we’ve heard tell of a wily UMPC from Apple with two buttons, a major upgrade from the iPhone, which sports just the one — truly last-generation.