Oscar season is near, DVD screener season is here


In addition to being Christmas season (or whatever Winter holiday you celebrate… Winter Veil isn’t too shabby), it’s also Oscar screener time, meaning you can find many of the movies expected to compete for the golden statue on your favorite BitTorrent sites. I’m not talking cheap-o cams, either, but full-blown DVD screeners; at most you’ll have to put up with “DON’T COPY THAT FLOPPY” messages once in a while. “No Country For Old Men” popped up yesterday, while other like “Atonement,” “Eastern Promises,” and “American Gangster” have been leaked in the past few weeks. I’m personally waiting for “There Will Be Blood,” staring the quiet kid from “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Of course, I can’t actually hand out .torrent links here, but come on, you’re reading CrunchGear: one quick Google search for “pirate torrent” will turn up the main (public) site where you can find the appropriate files.