XBL accounts pwn3d, Microsoft does nothing

An XBL user has reported that his account has been hacked for apparently the third time just recently. The hacker actually responded to a message from the hackee with the message above, pleading ignorance of the previous hacks, and from his complex grammar and use of elaborate codes (“eevr” and “neevr”) we may deduce that these people are highly educated, organized and extremely dangerous.

Actually, there’s probably just some tool script kiddies are passing around so they can jack special achievements, armor, etc, but the problem is that Microsoft is doing nothing about it. The guy called support and was given the runaround (meticulously detailed in the post). With a subscriber base of eight million gamers, Microsoft can’t be expected to respond like lightning to every threat, but an apparently critical flaw like this should probably be investigated. We’ll keep you updated, and in the meantime be safe out there kids!

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