Data privacy is a startup opportunity, alas

While TechCrunch reports that Australia has plans to censor the Internet for its citizens, the UK is keeping up its fight for freedom and justice by being ranked as the worst in Europe for privacy, much of it in the technology realm. Swarms of CCTV camera’s, government incompetence on data, and ID card schemes mean that only Chinese citizens now come under more surveillance. London-based pressure group Privacy International has produced a privacy index. The UK scored three out of five on democratic safeguards, but just one out of five on ID cards and biometrics. The UK joins the US, China, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand as one of the “endemic surveillance societies”. Privacy-friendly European nations include Greece and Germany. Such fear-inducing research only helps startups in the ID data and privacy realm like, an online privacy firm that monitors your personal information online, and lets you know if there are any problems occurring, like ID theft. However, I’m not sure what they can do about CCTV cameras… or government snooping.