Behold the Zune 3 aka iZune aka Zune Phone aka iPhone/iPod killer


The folks on the Zune team are no doubt hard at work on the third-gen Zune and here are some renderings and specs of what it could/should be. The likelihood that we’ll finally see the Zune phone is more than apparent with popularity of the iPhone, announcement of Android and the downfall of WinMo. If MS doesn’t pull this out soon, they’ll be dead in the water. Not as a company, though. Just in terms of PMP and maybe their mobile OS.

The Zune 3 will feature 16GB and 32GB flash models, IE, Wi-Fi marketplace and a full blown touchscreen. In other words, it’s the iPod Touch and iPhone from MS. It’s an obvious assumption and I just hope MS doesn’t go and feck this up.

Zune 3 Concept [Zune Scene]

[UPDATE]: Yes, we know it’s not real, quit emailing us, and develop a sense for oblique satire.