Mobile HDTV? Korea brings the future to you


Even if you thought you didn’t need hi-def TV in your car, or while walking on the street, or while frolicking in the fields, Korea will convince you otherwise. Those crazy guys at LG have invested seven billion woolongs, er, won, in R&D just so that you can watch “Desperate Housewives” on the bus as it airs. They’ve made it so no extra frequencies are required, just an update of the broadcast equipment here in the US, and you can receive the shows even when you’re going 50mph, which I guess is a triumph.

It’ll still be about as easy as touching the moon to make the telecoms and media companies make this work right, but at least the technology is there. They’ll be showing it off at CES, so we’ll have the skinny on it next week as it happens.

LG Develops Mobile TV Technology for North America [Digital Chosunilbo]