Top BitTorrent'd TV shows, movies of 2007: 'Heroes' & 'Transformers'


Using Mininova as a reference point, TorrentFreak compiled a list of the top BitTorrent downloaded movies and TV shows. With some 2.4 million downloads, NBC’s “Heroes” was the most downloaded TV show in 2007, followed by “Top Gear” and “Battlestar Galactica.” On the movie side, you’ve got “Transformers” followed by “Knocked Up” and “Shooter.” Apparently my favorite movie, “Once,” is nowhere near as popular as I’d like it to be.

Don’t forget that since the Oscars are right around the corner, DVD screeners are popping up all the time. I recently saw “No Country For Old Men” thanks to BitTorrent (since I don’t go to theaters). I’ll probably have to see it again as I was hacking my PSP (again) and didn’t pay too much attention to the plot.

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies and TV Shows of 2007 [TorrentFreak]