CrunchGear This Week: Pre-CES Edition

It’s the last week before CES and everyone’s scrambling to reveal or hint at their hot new products without showing their whole hand.

LG and Motorola will both be showing new mobile TV products, LG’s in HD. LG is also set to unveil their new high-res e-paper. Asus is releasing a laptop with a terabyte of RAID storage, which is awesome but kind of nuts. Olevia’s 120Hz, 1080p HDTV will be a marvel to behold, and Westinghouse has convenience in mind with its wireless HDMI-based HDTV. We had some CG predictions on what to expect this year, including lots of streaming and wireless solutions.

On a non-CES tip, the most controversial story this week has to be the purported new notebook from Apple, despite the photo totally being fake and despite us totally calling something like it last summer. Lastly, drop us a line if you other CES-goers want to throw down on some wings and beer.