GeekBrief.TV #284

John Biggs is right. 2007 was a dead year for gadgets. My Top 10 Gadget List for 2007 has some of my lifetime favorite innovations, but it would be a major challenge for me to create a list for ’07 that extends much further beyond 10. At any rate, my top 10 is pretty predictable for regular GBTV viewers because it’s stuff I talked about over and over throughout the year.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 Media Edition (I had to take a coffee break after typing that), includes an application called Expression Media (formerly iView). It’s an application that visually catalogs over 120 file formats and keeps up with where media assets are stored, even if those assets are offline, say on a DVD. I’m really excited to learn more about Expression. It’s already available for XP and Vista users, so I’d like to hear from anyone who is using it.

The GeekBrief.TV MediaSmart ServerHP giveaway is still underway. All you have to do to enter is send an email with a reason you want one to hp [at] One winner will be chosen and announced in February. The complete rules are here.

Liquid Image didn’t wait for CES to announce their digital camera mask for shooting fixed-focus photos underwater. The DriveWire universal Hard Drive Adapter from Apricorn looks like a must-have for any PC toolbox.

Brief 284 wraps up with my take on hulu. Here’s a link where a few hulu beta invites are still available.