WGA strike update: Late night shows return, Hulu is still evil


A quick update on the WGA strike, brought about by the technology that many of us here take for granted. (Reminder: Hulu is evil.)

The late night comedy writers came back last night, with Leno and Conan O’Brien returning without WGA writers but with Letterman coming back with a fully decked out WGA staff; both Letterman and Conan have tremendous “Gangs of New York”-style beards, grown out of solidarity with the writers. Having watched Letterman, switching to Leno during the commercials, I can definitely tell he and the writers are going to use the show to smash the greedy producers. Conan seemed genuinely upset by the whole rotten deal the writers have gotten and, in lieu of any actual written material, he spun his wedding ring on his desk; went around his office with a guitar annoying people; and played along with Rock Band.

I have no idea how Leno and Conan plan to fill an hour every night without any written material, but good luck to them.

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