Wow: Sub-Macbook + iMac thing is just plain interesting

macbookdock.jpgIt’s not a docking station, really. It’s an external monitor and hub that happens to fit a super-small sub-Macbook computer, just like the one we’ve been hearing about that should hit during Macworld in a week and a half. Giz dug up the specs on the US Patent Office website, and it looks pretty amazing, and it looks pretty real.

But it’s not totally from out of left field. We’d heard rumors that Apple was going to resurrect the Duo/Dock architecture that Jobs was always a fan of, and this is definitely in that vein, we look forward to telling you more about it at Macworld, where we’ll be liveblogging in a new, amazing way.

Apple Docking Patent Works Perfectly with Ultra-Slim MacBook [The Giz]