Bodibeat lets you rock out in time to your necrotic heart

I’m kind of weaning myself off of music while I run. It lets me concentrate a bit more on, say, finishing a race in less than 6 hours. However, the Bodibeat by Yamaha might be just what the doctor ordered. It is a music player that senses your current heart rate and changes the music depending on your effort level. Strolling casually away from a murder scene? NIN. Running from creditors? Black Sabbath. Sleeping? Maybe whale song.

I doubt Yamaha will be able to sell this thing but it’s interesting to see them move into the music player market, however small a share of said market they currently own. Who knows? Maybe I’ll pick one up and, given my current state of health, rock out to “The Chicken Dance” while walking to to the fridge. It should be available in the next few months.

Product Page [Warning: Horrible Flash Ahead]