Skype to come to the PSP

Skype is coming to the Sony PlayStation Portable. As reghardware reports, Sony’s own website now says: “Call friends, talk trash to fellow gamers or catch up with acquaintances via Skype for PSP.” Looks like someone forgot to switch that bit off before the CES show in Vegas. Interestingly, Sony Europe has been cooking up communications tools for the handheld with none other than BT. One app will be Go!Messenger, a video chat and IM tool that will debut first on PSPs sold in Europe later this month. The app will be loaded onto the PSP via a Memory Stick or by download, so it looks like Skype will enter the PSP via the same route, hopefully across both the US and Europe. Thus PSP owners will be encouraged to buy headsets and Sony’s Go!Cam plug-on PSP webcam. However, knowing how DRM-lead Sony is, an how bad it is at opening up its devices for developers, I doubt there will be much opportunity for other to start loading apps on to the PSP, alas, leaving the door open for some interesting stuff to be done on the iPhone, which releases an SDK in February.