Gaming News Roundup

Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming.

Zeetoo has gathered $6.9 million of venture capital to launch the Zeemote as a consumer product. The Zeemote is a small handheld controller that communicates with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and has the look of the Nunchuks that are used with Nintendo’s Wii console. You won’t be able to bash any real Ninjas with a Zeemote but you might save your thumbs and the keypad a pounding.

If you are a fan of the Canadian reality TV show, Kenny vs Spenny, you’ll be happy to know that there is a mobile game that goes by the same name. No, the game won’t wait for you to pass out from drinking too much and dress you up like a clown and then urinate on you, but it will have you play three mini-games. In Rat Race you control a rat and try to avoid obstacles and run into power-ups. The fun never stops. In the Biggest Balls game you karate chop a pile of blocks by pressing 5 at the right moment. This is about as fun as watching the Karate Kid wax-on and wax-off. The third game, Octopus, has your character wear an octopus as a hat as you move left and right trying to avoid being hit by falling things. I’m not sure if the octopus is a reference to hockey and the Red Wings, or if it is a cry for help saying, “Our brains have been taken over by aliens and they force us to do stupid things to each other on television. Help me!”

Incase you haven’t been reading MobileCrunch everyday and twice on Sunday like you should, you may have missed that Google’s operating system Android has been taking off. This should be good news for mobile gaming. Venture capitalist Baris Karadogan from ComVentures has been predicting a good future for Android. “Getting apps and phones certified is a big daunting, time-consuming and frustrating task. Palm will attest to that, having lost 25% of its market cap because it missed certification. Android sets these developers free,” Karadogan ventures. The most amount of capital I’ve ever invested was $1 in a lottery ticket and I didn’t pick one correct number. But Karadogan is successful at what he does and let’s hope it means better and cheaper mobile games.

You know that capitalist guy mention above, Baris Karadogan, he’s got another prediction. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with market forces in communist Cuba. He is predicting that in the near future you will be able to play a cut-down version of World of Warcraft on your mobile phone that will be released in 2008.

“You will be able to play a small version of WoW on your cell to win a small number of experience points”, Baris Karadogan, a venture capitalist with ComVentures, reckons in an article featuring his technology predictions for the year.

“The game will be different but it will be the extension of the overall experience. So when you have three hours free, you’ll play the real thing, when you have 30 minutes free you’ll play a small casual game on your PC that counts towards your experience in the big game and when you have 5 minutes free you’ll play the mobile handset version.”

I don’t know where Karadogan gets time to play World of Warcraft but if you come across a Level 1000 Merchant with an Orb of Prognosis and a Never-Empty Money Clip +15, you have stumbled across his character. Say hello for me.

That is this week’s mobile gaming news roundup. Remember to exercise those thumbs, recharge the battery and never take your eyes off the screen.