Dr. Dre Backs Monster's Beats Headphones

Monster Beats Headphones
Product Name: Monster Beats Headphones
Description: Monster proves that as long as you put their company name on it, you can charge as much as you want. They teamed up with Dr. Dre and Interscope records to create a shockingly expensive set of headphones with a “unique and avant-garde look,” according to the release. (Judge for yourself above….) In typically overblown fashion, Monster claims “their sonic performance is unequalled in any other headphone.” These full-size cans have a glossy extra-wide headband and a mute button, which is actually pretty handy. They come with a hot-looking case, an anti-microbial cleaning cloth, quarter-inch adapter, iPhone mic adapter (the Monster iSonitalk), and of course, special Monster cables.

Price: $399.95
In-store date: Spring 2008
Site: www.monstercable.com
Why it’s cool: If Dr. Dre loves them, they must be cool. The mute button is neat, but I wouldn’t throw away your high-end AKG, Sennheiser, or Grado headphones just yet.