Vizio announces 30 HDTV models


I’m going to save you the shenenigans and snark by just pasting what Vizio sent us. Essentially, they’ve got 32-inch plasmas for $689 and 50-inchers for $1,399 — 1080p, naturally — and a few new surround sound systems and LCDs. They have a new LCD line called Envy which is a little sexier than the standard line. We’ll hit the booth tomorrow to see what is really up over there.

VIZIO introduces seven new plasma High-Definition Televisions with advanced processing power and the latest technological advancements. Offerings will include the feature rich VP504F-50″ Full High Definition, 1080p Plasma Display featuring Silicon Optix HQV Processing and the all new VP605F-60″ Full high-Definition 10800p display. In addition, VIZIO will release the all-new VIZIO VP series of products including the VP322-32″ Plasma ($689), VP422-42″ Plasma ($999), VP423-42″ Plasma ($999), and VP503-50″ Plasma ($1399) all with High Definition 720p technology. VIZIO also reintroduces the VIZIO Jive VP500 and new VP501 All-in-One home theatre solution that include 50″ Plasma technology alongside a full Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system, now also featuring a move to1080p resolution.

VIZIO, America’s Fastest Growing HDTV Company, announced today a new line of 1080p, flat panel displays with 120Hz processing with MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation). The new “Black Tie” VIZIO SV42LF-42″ LCD and SV47LF-47″ will bear four HDMI inputs, Full 1080p resolution, 120Hz processing, Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC), and side access HD Game Port with HDMI. The new SV42LF and SV47LF will begin shipping in July 2008 with estimated selling prices of $1499 and $1899 respectively.

Maintaining top position with the VIZIO VU series of products is the full featured, VU42LF, 1080p Full
High-Definition television sporting a very competitive $1399 price tag. All three LCD flat panel displays
within the Envy line of products [VU32L, VU37L and VU42LF] are geared toward the traditional retail
space that offers competitive feature sets including two HDMI, composite and component video, S-
Video, RF and RGB connections, and standard/HDTV/QAM combination tuner for the ultimate in high
definition convenience. Enhanced video performance is achieved with reduced pixel noise, improved
contrast and advanced color balancing and equalization. Envy models have a detachable base to
accommodate on-wall mounting and built-in speakers with stereo quality 10 watts per channel sound to
help draw attention to the elegant, contemporary construction.