XM's Sound System, Compact Sound System: First new ones in a while


XM Satellite Radio is showing off new sound systems for the first time in quite a while at Le CES this week. Two, to be exact: the $100 XM Sound System (pictured above) and the $150 XM Compact Sound System (after the jump). More like an iPod speaker+dock than a stand-alone radio, both the Sound System and the Compact Sound System work a variety of XM radios, including the RoadyXT, Xpress and SKYFi2 (and any device with an audio-out jack); they’ll work the Inno and Helix, but you’ll have to buy a separate adapter for those.

No release dates yet.


The Compact Sound System. I hear it’s compact.

XM Sound System

XM Compact Sound System [XM]