Is CES becoming too big for its own good, reducing its effectiveness?


For companies showing off new products, just how effective is the Consumer Electronics Show?

Reading the New York Times today, you get the impression that the answer to that question lies somewhere between “not effective at all” and “barely worth the effort.” Some people feel that CES has gotten too big for its own good—more about flash than substance. (Sorta like E3, which seemingly focused more on “booth babes” and the completely arbitrary decision of company “won” the show.) With all the whiz-bang-ness of the show, how’s a company supposed to effectively get the word out about its new product?

Remember last year when Apple announced the iPhone at MacWorld while CES was still going on? All of us at CES were saying, “WTF are we doing here? MacWorld has the real story; we’ve all just wasted out time.” I can’t even imagine how the companies at CES felt when Apple, in one short hour, completely destroyed CES.

So who knows, maybe companies will do what Electronic Arts and the other big, influential game publishers did with regard to E3—call the show a complete waste of time and show off their product at a time and place of their choosing.

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