BitLet Web BitTorrent client streams music as it downloads


Music pirates have a new tool to put artists in the poor house. The Web site lets users upload torrent files that contain MP3 or OGG files, which begin streaming right after. So if you’re browsing the many popular trackers out there like Pirate Bay or Mininova, you can preview all the songs included in the torrent. The Web site is essentially an embedded BitTorrent client, but one that doesn’t work with private torrents. I tried a couple torrents from and and none of them worked, severely limiting the site’s usefulness, in my worthless opinion.

But hey, if you’ve got a couple minutes to kill at the office, it’s worth playing around for a little while. Until it works with and Waffles,fm, however, I can’t see myself using it too much. Neat idea, just not quite there yet.

BitLet Music Player [BitLet via TorrentFreak]