Hands on with the Printstik, the printer that fits in your pocket

If you have big, long pockets that is. This tiny thing is really quite small and light, and it prints onto super-thin thermal paper. It pairs with a phone or anything Bluetooth-capable, or you can use USB if you’re weak.

It’s certainly not the fastest printer in the world; in fact, I’d say that its speed of 3 pages per minute puts it among the slowest. You’re also limited by how many the battery can handle (40) and how many pages it can fit inside its little body (20). Really, though, the size of the thing makes comparisons to larger printers kind of absurd. The fact is this thing looks like magic, and if you’re on the go, $300 is a small price to pay for the functionality you get. It hit yesterday, so go find one!

PlanOn PrintStik