Hands on with the the 3rd Space force feedback vest

I’d probably be the first to raise an eyebrow at the idea of a gaming vest that whacks you where you’re being shot/cut/bludgeoned, but these guys have made something that could really add another dimension to things, especially in creepy games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil (as if they didn’t scare me enough already). They put it on me, as you can see, and I tried out their custom FPS that uses the technology. When a monster shot me from behind, I thought somebody had hit me and I freaked out. It’s quick and punchy and it works. And, like so many new game accessories, it seems weird at first but quickly becomes second nature.

At the moment, your notification of enemies’ locations is usually some kind of visual damage indicator which often takes you out of the game. This vest made that more intuitive, and it seems like it would be easy to implement too. Right now it works on some of the more popular games, but they’re releasing patches and I imagine lobbying with the biggies to get this stuff coded in by default. It was seriously pretty cool, and they’ve got a helmet out there too which you’ll hear about later.

3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest [TN Games]