Iomega's Zip Drive is back with a vengeance

Everyone remembers the Iomega Zip Drive – we all had one, it’s okay to say it. I’d lost track of the company for a while, but they’re striking back with a new version of the device, which probably will get mixed reactions. It’s called the Rev and it’s essentially a HDD split in half – the head and mechanisms are in the reader, and in each removable cartridge is just a platter, which holds 70GB. They were proud of the cartridges’ durability, and the guy repeatedly slammed the cartridge onto the table to emphasize it.

They also had some tasteful little external drives; the black one below is 250GB. The big silver thing is their take on the external/internal thing; two hot-swappable drives stuck in an eSATA-capable Mac Pro-like enclosure for 1.5TB of storage. In any case, they seemed like solid pieces of hardware, but I’ll wait for performance data before dropping any bills.
iomega-001.jpg iomega-002.jpg iomega-003.jpg iomega-004.jpg