TreasureMyText relaunches with social tools and API

Privately-owned SMS archiving site Treasure My Text is launching a new invite-only beta version with social messaging features. Currently you can save a text message by forwarding it via SMS to the TreasureMyText standard rate mobile number. You can later view your messages online, plus there is RSS and email archiving. The service – going since 2005 and based in Liverpool, UK with development in the Netherlands – was founded by Katie Lips and Paul Stringer.
But who on earth would use such a service? Teenagers wanting to save a treasured text from their boyfriend/girlfriend? Maybe, but their phone is now capable of a lot of storage. It turns out TMS is used a lot by people having illicit affairs, who don’t want their partners to check their phone texts, so they forward the texts to a TMS online account instead.
However, the social features (currently in invite only beta in the Netherlands initially) involved with archiving texts will put TMS into a new – and perhaps more mainstream – space, more associated with the likes of Twitter and perhaps life-archiving startups like Rememble and Miomi. The new version will offer downloads of messages to a CSV file and there will be an API so messages can be pulled into other applications.

Techcrunch UK readers can get an invite to the new beta if they go to the sign up page here and use the email address: