Fabrik makes backing up data fun, easy


Besides the launch of their portable SimpleTech mini USB drives, Fabrik also launched Fabrik Ultimate Backup at CES. If you’re like me then backing up can be a tedious pain the arse. I avoid it as much as possible. I just don’t have the time or patience to do it. Well, Fabrik realizes many consumers feel the same way and FUB makes the whole process simple.

Makes no difference whether you have a Fabrik portable, either. The software is downloadable and as a trial you get 2GB of free backup space. Data is encrypted at 128-bits when uploading and then re-encrypted at 448-bit. You essentially have unlimited storage space for only $5 a month. Pretty sweet deal, right?

The portables come in seven flavors: espresso, blueberry, kiwi, cool mint, marshmallow, bubblegum and black cherry. Storage sizes range from 120GB to 320GB with pricing starting at $120 on up to $230.