Penn Jillette teaming up with to vlog himself

After being treated to an interminable 10-minute Sony ad, some guys from the original video site Crackle announced some new shows they were picking up, and then handed it over to Penn of Penn & Teller to explain his bit. It seems they’ve outfitted Penn with a bunch of HD camcorders which he’ll keep around his house and work, and pick one up basically whenever he feels the urge to expound on things he hates, things he loves, or just to do a weird trick like putting a bean in his mouth and snorting it out his nose. It’s called Penn Says and it’ll have “at least” four shows a week.

Now, to be honest, the idea of the outspoken and frequently obscene star teaming up with a Sony media factory seems pretty weird, but we talked with Penn afterwards (look for the interview in a few minutes) and he thought it was a pretty good deal. I haven’t watched any episodes yet, but he’s an entertaining dude and I may just make a habit of checking his little vlog out. It just went live today, so go check it out and let us all know how it is.

Penn Says @ Crackle