Silliest of CES 2008

USA-themed piano by GibsonAt any trade show, you’re bound to see some good stuff. This post, however, is not about that; it’s about the most ridiculous things I’ve seen so far here at CES, like the USA-themed piano above in Gibson’s tent. From the gawdy to the bawdy, feast your eyes on these abominations.

(More pics after the jump.)

HD-DVD booth
HD-DVD’s thought police
Ahh, the HD-DVD faithful. This is where they go to be re-brainwashed after hearing that Blu-ray won the format war… a very Orwellian scene indeed.

Monster Lamborghini
Monster lays cable in Lamborghini
This is an absolutely gorgeous Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder that is outfitted up the wazoo with Monster cables and interconnects. Chances are, if you can afford Monster cables, you can afford the car.

Pump-top TV
Pump-top TV
Yes, it’s a gas pump with an ad-hawking LCD on top. Chances are, you’ve seen one around, as they were announced in the middle of 2007, but it’s still funny. They could even save your life at the gas station: Why mug someone when you could just rip off an LCD screen?

Bumblebee Transformer
Dolby gets stung by Bumblebee
I tried my best to get a good shot of Bumblebee’s ‘nads, but I’m not sure whether Transformers have them or not. I wonder what that is hanging between his legs by a string…

Synced Rollys
Sony synchs Rollys
Two robotic MP3 players, neo-disco tunes, and a PR wag with sharp timing and very telling musical taste added up to a hilarious little display. I couldn’t stop watching though… it was mesmerizing (and a bit creepy) to watch these tiny things dance and spin around to club hits in perfect sync.

I’m off to go find the flat-screen TV with video of a fireplace on it… that actually emits enough heat to warm your hands.