CES 2008: It's done and we're tired, thanks for tuning in!

blounge.jpgCES 2008 is done, and while it was a blast, I’m glad it only happens once a year. My legs feel like Jell-O, my feet look like the pulled pork special I had last night, and I think my liver booked an earlier flight, because I can’t seem to find it.

We saw some pretty amazing stuff, hung out with some cool people, made some tasteless jokes, and made up the word Bloungeā„¢. This has been great, and here are a few of the best stories of the show, as picked by me, because everyone else is on an airplane or still too drunk to post.

CES 2008 Exclusive: CrunchGear interviews Penn Jillette about Crackle.com, Mormons, and his choices in technology
LG undouches itself in two short days: The LG Watch/Phone concept photographed

Hands on with the Printstik, the printer that fits in your pocket

Motorized under bed TV mount makes me hate my plain old crappy bed with nothing but crap under it
Michael Douglas loves XStreamHD, so should you