Color Document Scanning from scanR

If you have used the scanR application to turn your mobile phone camera into a digital scanner, now you can do so in color. In the past all document pages sent to scanR were converted into black and white. Now if you send photos of magazines, newspapers, books or other color pages to scanR, it will convert the images into digital full-color copies.

You can try the new scanR feature for free but you are limited to 5 uploads per month and the images have a scanR logo on processed images. By signing up for scanR Pro you can upload unlimited images without any advertising on processed images. The unlimited version is $2.99 a month or $29.90 for a years worth of image taking. 40 uploads costs $9.99. Both the free and the subscription service allow unlimited storage, online sharing, PDF creation, worldwide fax and synchronization with Facebook, and Plaxo.

If you want to digitalize pages at a place where it is inconvenient to bring a conventional scanner, this service may be what you are looking for. For example, if I want to scan pictures of famous paintings it would be far easier to take my phone to the library and do so than to have to take all the books home and scan them into my computer. There are bound to be many business situations where this service may come in handy. Why carry around bits of paper used for receipts when you can copy them with this service and send a digital copy to where ever the information needs to go?