Dear startups: Please fill out this form

Well, it’s been the first week in a new year here at TCUK Towers. The office still has bits of stray tinsel doggedly hanging onto the ceiling, while the interns are padding around sheepishly after that riotous Christmas party. But luckily I can ignore the drudgery of office life as my secretary has just popped in to tell me that it’s time to get stuck in to a pile of startups. To make sure you’re on the watch list (some of you may assume you are – don’t count on it), please go and fill out our contact form (as fully possible) so I have a decent amount of info on you. (If you filled it out already and there is no new information to add there’s no need to do it again as I have it). Other than that, Happy New Year to all and all best wishes from TechCrunch!