A thought on "liveblogging"

[photopress:wwdcjobs1.jpg,full,center]We’re liveblogging tomorrow morning’s Keynote. Gizmodo’s liveblogging it. GeekBrief is liveblogging it. Everyone is, really. And that makes me think that the Macworld 2008 Keynote by Steve Jobs might just be the single more liveblogged thing in history so far. Just how geeky have we become?

Pretty geeky. We’ll be using the same liveblogging tool we used for the Bill Gates Keynote last week, which gives you live streaming blogs entries, as well as user commentary, photos, and tomorrow, live audio. You’ll hear it live and as it happens, but do you need it?

Remember when during keynotes you had to hit refresh every 20 seconds, because the 30-second refresh built-in wasn’t fast enough? When you’d miss parts because Jobs talks faster than we can type?

We’re glad those days are behind us, and with the dozens of places you can go for your liveblogging coverage of tomorrow’s Keynote, we’re hoping you pick ours. Ours is more liver than theirs, and we’re funnier, as well. Even Peter Ha!