Did you know? There are energy drink review sites! Lots!


Geeks like energy drinks. It could be said that the fad started in the early 90s with the famous Jolt Cola, which was consumed primarily as an alternative to coffee for all-night D&D campaigns. Yes, I was there. Later, the caffeine content of Mountain Dew was upped, and it became the staple of late-night coding sessions. One famous computer worm, the Code Red Virus, was named after the Code Red brand of Mountain Dew the anti-viral guys used to stay up late writing the anti-viral code.

Now we’ve got alcoholic energy drinks (my social life is Powered By Sparks™), and Vodka and Redbull cocktails are more popular than ever. That’s why when I was researching the after effects on my 5 Hour Energy shot binge, I was surprised to discover that there are a multitude of sites dedicated to reviewing energy drinks.

Sure, this isn’t a gadget post, but if you’re a reader of this blog, you’re likely also a fan of one flavor of the above mentioned energy drinks, so if I didn’t share my discovery, I wouldn’t be doing my job, now would I?

Energy Drink Reviews [Google]