GeekBrief.TV #290

Speculation about why Brief 289 ended so abruptly is worthy of a contest. I’m giving away something from my gadget closet to the most creative commenter on that episode. Sean Carruthers from The Lab with Leo Laporte and Lab Rats helped me out with some CES coverage. In Brief 290, he showed us a new iOmega Ego Drive, the Powermid, a Bluetooth headset for motor cycle helmets and the always popular Rolly.

My discount code at gives you $50 off. After Tuesday, you’ll want one even more.

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I hope to see you at our meetups on Wednesday and Thursday! I’m very excited to participate on a panel on Thursday with Adam Christenson, Dave Hamilton, Victor Cajiao, Leo Laporte, Scott Bourne, and Ken Ray. After the panel and audience discussion, we’ll all be hanging out at Jillian’s. Also, on Wednesday, we’re going to meet at In-N-Out Burger, Dawn and Drew style. All the details are here.