Clearwire to Offer Google Services

Clearwire, a wireless service provider, announced today that it will offer subscribers Google applications in the first half of this year. Clearwire customers who have wireless Internet will be able to
access Google applications like e-mail, calendar and Google Talk instant message service.

Clearwire was founded by Craig McCaw. McCaw said the company also plans to provide Google’s Web search services on future Clearwire Web portal applications but no tentative date was given.

Clearwire stock has fallen from $18 since November of last year after Sprint Nextel announced it was ending a previously announced collaboration with Clearwire. The two companies had planed to let their customers roam on each other’s networks.

Clearwire shares were up $0.25, or 1.8 percent, and sold for $14.24 this morning on the NASDAQ.