iPhone firmware 1.1.3 and you: GPS, movable icons


In his keynote at this year’s MacWorld, Steve Jobs just announced the latest iPod firmware, version 1.1.3. It adds the following features to the phone that you slide to unlock. Remember, if you’re one of those jailbreaking types, don’t upgrade just yet.

• The iPhone/iPod Touch SDK will be available in February, but there’s new software today like

• Maps with pseudo GPS that uses cellphone towers for your location.

• Webclips. Essentially bookmarked Web sites accessible on your home screen. Quick and dirty.

• You can customize your home screen, moving around icons as they wiggle.

• You can send txt messages to more than one person now. Wow, that’s long overdue.

• Smaller updates: Gmail now uses IMAP and you can view lyrics to songs.

Apple’s got a video demoing the new features here.