Microsoft's Blounge™ at Macworld


I’m truly grateful to Microsoft for having a Blounge™ at Macworld. It saves me the headache of scrounging for an outlet and the seats are ultra cushy. But I feel like a caged animal on display. The jealous and annoying Macworld attendees stop and gawk and point fingers. What’s the big f*cking deal? These people need to get a life. In fact, some a-hole is peering over my shoulder and telling me to inform all of you that all the booths here just have iPod cases.

Some of the people in here aren’t even bloggers. They’re just some random weirdos that snuck in. The woman to the left, for instance, is not a blogger. Not that I really care, but the fact that people will sneak in here to get a some M$ branded M&M’s is mind boggling. They’re literally coming in here and taking handfuls at a time then leaving. WTF?! Are people that keen on free crap like Office for Mac coasters that they’re willing to throw a tantrum to get in here. I don’t understand it. Has society become that pathetic? Or am I just hungover and cranky?