FlipStart gets price cut from $1499 to $699

FSopenanglewithLOGO Remember FlipStart? The brickey, Paul Allen-funded “super compact PC with the form factor that’s proven to work for mobile professionals” that some people thought might never come out before it finally launched last March?

The price just got karate-chopped from $1,499 down to $699, making it a relatively affordable option for those of you looking for a really tiny computer.

One of the main draws is the inclusion of a Sprint EV-DO Rev A chipset, allowing you a high-speed connection option beyond the standard 802.11b/g one. You can also get the FlipStart loaded up with Windows XP or Vista Business for the same price. I’d suggest XP since there’s only 512MB of RAM and a 1.1GHz Pentium M processor.

FlipStart Labs [Product Page] via Reg Hardware