Mumboe: Paradise For Lawyer Types

mumboe_logo.pngElectronic agreements have greased the wheels of commerce, causing businesses to push a lot of digital paper these days. Several startups have popped up to help manage these contracts (mostly through eSignatures): EchoSign, DocuSign, VeriSign, Entrust, amongst others. And people are using them. DocuSign claims to have completed over 5 million eSignatures alone.

Austin-based Mumboe, originally founded in 2005 as FineTooth, has recently relaunched as another SAS contract management tool. It is similar to Negonation, in that it doesn’t handle eSignatures, but the contracts themselves. FineTooth’s original software solution used natural language analysis to help manage contracts by extracting the important details from contracts. Mumboe, short for the mumbo jumbo found in most contracts, lets companies create contracts from templates, share, search, and track important milestones. The company currently has a three month free trial.