Review: Monster Outlets To Go Power Strip


Us bloggers/journalists/hacks often get free swag from companies at events and 90 percent of the time it’s all crap. No, really, it’s usually the crappiest crap you could ever see and you’d never want it to begin with. I go for the booze and shitty fabulous food.

However, I can say without a doubt that the best thing I’ve ever received from any company at an event comes from Monster and it’s a power strip. I’m currently half way through my romp of the West Coast (the best coast) and this little doodad has come in handy multiple times. The media room at Moscone was a joke and there wasn’t an open outlet to be found so I walked on out to the hallway and plugged her in. Matt and I were up running while the rest of the herd ran around scrambling for juice. It was especially handy at the Vegas airport since there’s, like, two outlets for every three gates. I’ve had to use it just about every day for one reason or another. It’s small, easily transportable and it’s only $15. That’s hot. So hot that Matt tried stealing it from me, but he failed since I kicked him in the nuts.

You never know when a hot geeky girl will come your way looking for some good old fashioned AC power and you’re the guy who can accommodate her.

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