Pentax looking to kick it up a notch at PMA


Rumors are running rampant over what Pentax may or may not announce at PMA. One thing is for sure, Pentax is focusing on DSLRs this year and that’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Head of Japanese sales for Pentax, Hitoshi Sasaki, was recently quoted:

We will keep focusing on DSLR as we did last year,” Sasaki said. “The segment will demand not only the cameras but also interchangeable lenses and accessories, contributing much to the expansion of sales and profits. The lens line will further be enriched this year. In the “Optio” series compact cameras, we will review the lineup where models under ¥30,000 (US$270) are the mainstream to upgrade overall lineup. The approach may be made in terms of product development and sales strategy.

I, for one, am ecstatic and optimistic over what Pentax will announce. Will the K200D jump up to 10-megapixels or how about live preview on the K20D? Looks like the Optio’s will be getting a refresh as well.

Pentax Corp. focuses on DSLR development [PMA Newsline]