Bug Labs going live on Monday


Here are the first shots of the BUGBase Hiro P model that goes on sale this Monday when the store opens up. This is the final production model, but is, sadly, sans Wi-Fi. Yeah, seems that open source Wi-Fi drivers were causing some issues and Bug Labs decided to ship out the base stations without Wi-Fi modules rather than delaying shipment. To make up for this indiscretion, early adopters will get the Wi-Fi module at cost plus a free BUGvonhippel module.

[Update] A Wi-Fi enabled BUGBase module is coming in case you were wondering. “The BUGvonhippel module is named after Eric Von Hippel, MIT professor and author of “Democratizing Innovation.” It’s basically a breadboard module for developers to create their own interface options, allowing them to hack their BUG even further.”


Bug Labs