CTIA/FCC could outlaw cellular repeaters AKA "jammers"

Got a note this morning from a concerned reader who is watching some carrier noise. Apparently some of the bigs are talking to the FCC about having cellular repeaters classed as “jammers” because they might interfere and oscillate with regular cell tower signals.

tia complained to fcc about repeaters, said they were essentially jammers asked for them to be banned.
but repeater manufacturers have hired lobbyists/lawyers, and if my sources are accurate, things seem to be going their way. wilson electronics actually used a story about someone who had his leg cut off in an dirt biking accident in the desert and whose life was saved because he was able to use a repeater.
i imagine they might have some sort of further testing on repeaters to allow them, and to make sure they don’t oscillate
i mean, they might add a further certification beyond the normal fcc one

What does this mean? It means places like my dead zone house and Arrington’s pad will be completely off the cellular grid, reverting many of us to Stone Age. Well I, for one, refuse to eat uncooked mastodon meat. Watch this space for more info.